Congratulations - You've taken the hardest step towards using any of our ATMs. Thank you.

Congratulations! You are one big step closer to being able to use any BitRocket ATM anywhere.

We are currently reviewing the information you provided. Depending on how simple your submitted ID and details are, it usually takes a few minutes.

Please keep an eye on your mobile (SMS incoming) and emails. Typically we take 3-5 minutes to process simple queries with e.g. Australian drivers license. If you don’t hear back from us within the next 2 hours, feel free to contact us via live chat on Or: send us an email via SMS (no voice mails) on +61 409 733 315

If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet (or don’t know what it is), it’s an app that lets you send, receive, and control your bitcoin (or other crypto-currency) from your phone. We like because it’s fast to setup, simple and private.

Why not INSTALL MUUN from your App Store, open it, and check the “Receive” Bitcoin QR code is already visible?

Other tips

If you are using a Medicare card, you will need to provide your name, date of birth (DOB), Medicare card number and your address.

If you are using a non-Australian form of ID, you will need to provide your date-of-birth, ID number and normal residential address (in Australia or overseas).

Use your address overseas if you are a visitor, or the address in Australia if you are normally resident in Australia.

If you have a visa approval email (VEVO) you can send us the approval ID from that, or the first few lines of the email for fast verification.

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