Customer Account Verification

Customer Account Verification

This normally takes only a few minutes to process. Keep an eye on incoming SMS messages on your mobile once submitted.

Please take a photo of your ID and use your personal details in the form.

Providing both ID and filling out the form may speed things up, especially if you are using non-Australian ID or just a Medicare card (DOB required).

Your details are encrypted and checked against a third party system, and not shared outside our systems with anyone. Your personal details and day-to-day transactions remain private, see our Privacy Policy here.

If you need to claim funds in the case of a problem, your ID helps us be sure we are dealing with you and not someone else.

This is once-off and you can use any BitRocket ATM freely afterwards with just your mobile.

IMPORTANT: Must be able to receive an SMS for approval and when physically at any BitRocket ATM Machine.
Useful for follow-up questions.
Required. Format dd-mm-yyy
Please answer to proceed.

Additional (Residential address)

You can either just provide photo ID above (e.g. Australian drivers license) and/or provide the following information.

Providing both may help speed up processing. On average it takes just 3 minutes to process.

Use the address on your ID or your normal residential (home) address.

(optional) or Apartment No., or Lot, Block, Building number
(optional) - or where you are now
enter 0000 if not known - will speed up processing if you enter it correctly
What wallet app are you using (e.g. what do you open to get the QR code or address)? We can help you better with this info or recommend one for your usage
Where you will receive or spend from - this helps us help you and guide you if necessary
Optional extra information, e.g. if you are a visitor or permanent migrant to Australia you can supply the passport number that you used when entering the country. If you are sending to/from someone else just tell us about it

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