Services for Bitcoin ATM operators

If you host, own or operate an ATM, you can take the hassle out and focus on what you enjoy.  Using BitRocket’s hosting services can improve your operational efficiency, reduce your costs, and let you focus on creating a great service. We offer complete services and support for Lamassu, Skyhook and Genesis ATM machines.  Or you can pick and choose from any of the following services:
  • Placement and Location finding – from cafes through to commercial real-estate & malls
  • Server and admin system hosting, maintenance and security
  • Educational material – printed, video and on the machine itself
  • Inventory management – make sure you don’t run out of float at any stage in the cycle
  • Currency (BTC and cross-rate) procurement – best cost routing used in HFT arbitrage systems to keep your costs low
  • Integration with popular accounting services and tools
  • Alerts and up-time tracking
  • Business blueprints and
  • Data analytics, user behaviour analysis and optimisation for ROI
You can engage BitRocket for consulting, or through a variety of payment models including share-of-commission, fixed payments etc – depending on your needs.  

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