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Locations: Buy Bitcoin with cash in Sydney, Melbourne
Launceston and Hobart

20 locations in all major cities
  • 3 in Sydney - Western City next
  • 2 in Melbourne - CBD and other suburbs coming
  • 2 in Tasmania
  • Coming soon: Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast

BitRocket is selecting partners and locations for 13 more machines, all ready to go and coming this winter - contact us if you are interested or want to chat about partnerships.

Contacts from Asia welcome.

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fifteen seconds

Buying with cash is simple and you can install a free bitcoin wallet app (Mycelium Wallet or Airbitz are good). You only need your cash and the wallet app QR code. For cash out, just your wallet app is needed. No Fuss, no hassle.

get ahead

Be innovative, get ahead of the crowd. Bitcoin is changing the world: from third-world traders who can sell their wares internationally for lots of small transactions, through to Virgin Galactic offering flights to space for Bitcoin

leading exchanges

We connect you to the best Bitcoin money markets to get you great rates. That way your Bitcoin can go even further. Watching the price of your Bitcoin holdings vary can also be fun, and some Bitcoin advocates advise holding at least a small amount of Bitcoin long-term.*


No fussy sign-ups and wire transaction fees to obscure foreign exchanges, or trading with people you never met who might scam you. You can pick the moment of your transaction in comfort, at your own terms, whenever the price suits you and get your coins in seconds. When you use BitRocket ATMs you get exactly the rate on the screen and it is done in seconds, you'll be able to check it and just repeat if you wish for more.

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questions & answers

How is this an ATM?

ATM is an automatic teller. Tellers at banks take deposits and withdrawals. Because of the way Bitcoin turns the world of banking on its head, the most useful thing an ATM can do is take cash and give you Bitcoins. Because with Bitcoin you are your bank, and most people out there have yet to get their hands on Bitcoin. Converting cash into Bitcoin is the most useful feature right now. Converting Bitcoin into cash is useful, but will come later as we roll out. For now think of it this way: Bitcoin is like email and cash is like letters. How often do you want to print your email? Not as often as you want to send one.

How do I use it?

There is an area on the bottom right of the ATM that can scan a QR code. A QR code is a series of dots that tells the machine where to send the Bitcoin you buy. So first you show your QR code (from your smartphone screen or on paper). Then you insert the notes you want to convert, one after another. Lastly you check the number of Bitcoins on the screen and press send! The machine shows you another QR code which is the transaction receipt. Your smartphone will show the amount transferring to you within a couple of seconds.

How can I get started?

You can use a printed wallet at the ATM – and load it with Bitcoin. Or get a smartphone wallet for greater flexibility, e.g. on This can be used on your mobile or from your computer. On Android there is Bitcoin wallet, Mycelium and Blockchain. On iOS there is Coinjar.

But I can’t afford a WHOLE Bitcoin…!

Luckily you don’t need to! Just like dollars are divided up into cents, Bitcoins are divided up into a thousand** ‘millibitcoins’ – sometimes called ‘millis’ – or mBTC. So for example a beer might be 7.25 mBTC. You can insert as little as $5 to get started trying Bitcoin.


Services for Bitcoin ATM operators

If you host, own or operate an ATM, you can take the hassle out and focus on what you enjoy.  Using BitRocket’s hosting services can improve your operational efficiency, reduce … Continued

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